County Board criticizes, passes Saratoga zoning ordinance

Town officials hope rules will prevent planned large-scale dairy Although some Wood County Board members expressed concern about a Saratoga zoning ordinance, the board gave its OK Tuesday to the regulations town officials hope will stop a proposed large-scale dairy.

The Wood County Conservation, Education and Economic Development Committee brought Saratoga’s zoning plan to the County Board, because there is no county regulation that opposes it, said Hilde Henkel, committee chairwoman. However, she said the plan includes the most restrictive rules she has seen in her 13 years of being involved with the Wood County Zoning Department.

“They, frankly, are an insult to every farm and every farm family ,” Henkel said.

Town residents are hopeful the zoning ordinance will prevent the Wysocki Family of Cos. from placing a 5,300-animal dairy in the southeast portion of Saratoga that has been owned by Plum Creek Timberlands.

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