Letter: Spray manure irrigation is unhealthy

Letter Appeared in the Green Bay Press Gazette When talking about disposal of untreated lagoon wastes, people are under the belief that these wastes are simply manure, feces and urine from cattle. That is completely inaccurate. Industrial wastes are taken by landowners and farms, which oftentimes can be delivered in voluminous amounts by the ton.

These landowners and operators receive a “tipping fee” for these wastes. Many of these wastes are simply delivered to digesters or directly to lagoons. Add the compounded toxicity of industrial wastes to these wastes already in lagoons filled with manure and antibiotics, hormones, copper sulfates and voluminous amounts of barn cleaners, and this toxic soup is already land spread in voluminous amounts here in Kewaunee County, and in other areas of the state.

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