SRWN sends letter to WTA requesting action on Spray Irrigation of Manure

Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network and other like-minded grassroots groups around the state have submitted the attached letter to Richard Stadelman, executive director of the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA). The letter expresses our concern that the DNR and DATCP have contacted the WTA requesting that it discourage members from adopting local ordinances restricting spray irrigation systems for manure dispersal. We believe this is in response to recent actions taken by local governments to adopt ordinances banning or restricting all forms of aerial spraying to protect human health from the release of dangerous toxins into the air and water - which has been confirmed in a number of studies.

With the growing number of factory farms in Wisconsin, more citizens from around the state are urging response from their local town boards. Because of its role in supporting local control for Wisconsin communities, we have requested that the WTA draft a Sample Ordinance on Moratorium Authority for Towns on the use of any form of airborne transportation of manure through spraying systems.

View letter sent April 5, 2013 - Stadelman - Ordinance Moratorium final 04-05-13